Funk and R&B-like electronica stimulate your senses in the collection Alive, curated to excite you and make you move.




Alive solemnly awakens your consciousness with the ambient heaven of "Snakeroot" by Lis Addison. "Always Waiting (feat. Irina Milkhailova)" by Kaya Project floods your senses with lively beats and vocals, and Rodney Hunter slaps you into action with the thick funk of "Quero Saber (Feat. Orieta Pines)." The lounge-like silky electronica of "Moon & Sun" by Dalminjo creates a festive atmosphere which is then turned up in the Silk Spinner Mix of Afterlife’s "Deeper (Into Places)." The funky fun feeling keeps going strong with the bustling Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Mix of Afro-Mistik’s "Miracles." Alive winds down with Chris Coco’s mysterious R&B track "City Knows Your Name" and the celestial calm of "Hymn" by Andrew McPherson.