Harmony and healing are the goals of Amethyst, a collection of ambient, worldly electronic sounds that move you to mindfulness.




Kaya Project’s "One Good Dub" envelops you in a void of Arabian sounds amid heavy bass and slow beats to begin Amethyst. "Elementary Particles (Re-Edit)" by Bluetech adds elements of technology and electrical circuits with its atmospheric buzzes and bass, where brighter feelings are brought by the playful tones in Bluetech’s "Ice Forming On Glass." "Harem Bizarre" by Kaya Project energizes you with their fast tempo and collection of melodic horns, while Gaudi introduces Eastern chants to an upbeat electronic rhythm in "Ayahuasca Deep Fall." Phontaine’s laid-back electronic tracks "Wunder" and "Isla de la Piedra" spice up the soundscape with tropical overtones. In the collection’s namesake track "Amethyst" by Sympath, you are led along a journey through a mindful atmosphere full of intriguing and natural sounds, before closing the experience through the vast ambiance of "Onflow" by Shen.