NiaSounds: (noun  nia·sounds \nee-'ya-sau̇nds\) A boutique music publisher; we strive to create sonic landscapes for our clients while working alongside dozens of artists, some signed exclusively with us and some with other labels to create the sound necessary for our various projects. 


Meet the Sounds

A versatile and prolific songwriter, Stuart infuses his work with raw and tender emotions. He desires to ignite in others the fire which has been re-lit within himself.


Of all the illusive faceless artists lurking in the depths of the internet few actually deliver the feel of true illusion. Eso.XO.Supreme's leaned out RnB style has a nasty bite with heavy tones of emotion for consistent atmosphere. 

Rob Daiker

A unique, powerful artist who brings his wealth of experience as both a musician and producer to the stage.


The Loyal Order

A rock group inspired by the grunge roots of the Pacific Northwest consisting of Jeff Buehner (vocals), Brandon Cook (guitar), Kevin Hahn (guitar), Dain Ryan (bass), Andrew Greene (drums.)

Terry Robb

His dynamic finger-picking style and ability to sound like a hard, yet sophisticated, band all within a solo performance have amazed audiences worldwide and earned him international acclaim.