Rejuvenate your senses with Awake, a collection of global sounds including contemporary east-Indian music. Soothing melodies of voice, violin and sitar combine with jazz and rock songs to stimulate self-expression for the new day. 


Awake rises from sleep with several songs by Nadaka, beginning with the blissful acoustic guitar in "Inner Dawn Pt. 1" and "Chakra Pt. 3." Nadaka’s "Mandalam" and "Om Shanti" blend meditative yogic hums into the acoustic mix. Eastern and Western music styles combine in "On And On" by Suryan, a bluesy rock song perfect for country drives, while "Te Ka Di Mi" by Emergence, whose jazz improvisation invigorates new energy to tackle the day. The pleasantly mellow "Solele Oh" by Yemadas brings feel-good vibes into the mix. Suryan’s moody rock song "Give It All" combines with Emergence’s ska song "Just For Joy" to complete the awakening process with a striking musical harmony between cultures. Awake finishes with promise for the new day in "Kanu De" by Yemadas and the nostalgic vibes from Suryan’s "If I Could Say."