Since 2002, we at NiaSounds have curated music with more than 40 soundtracks and several albums under our name. 


As a boutique music publisher, we strive to create sonic landscapes for our clients. We work alongside dozens of artists, some signed exclusively with us and some with other labels to create the sound necessary for our various projects. 

In addition to an eclectic catalogue, we have our own production facility along with staff writers to fine-tune any project. Our goal is to craft the song, compilation or soundtrack that truly expresses the project’s intent. Sometimes this can be done with music that already exists or sometimes it requires a more customized approach. We are here to help; whether you just need to cut through the red tape of licensing or are seeking that tailor-made soundtrack to suit your needs.  Please feel free to experience the soundscapes we’ve created so far in our release catalogue. 


The Process



An exploration of where you are in your project and goals pertaining to it as we gain an understanding as to who you are.


Turning feelings into a direction, this step in the process helps us suggest a path for musical exploration.


We will assist you in obtaining the most accurate musical depiction of the journey you wish to take your listeners on through our vast musical database.


Finalizing the chemistry between instrument and artists, this stage makes your musical dreams a reality.


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