Birth is a dynamic collection of electronica and world music sounds all featuring strong beats and a salient emotional feeling that signifies the energy of new beginnings.


Birth begins with the strong beats and instrumental tension of Stuart’s tracks "Birth," the rock-inspired "Creation" and the techno build-up of "Chaos." Deep Dive Corp. dishes out electronic dance with "Dish" and Groove Junkies only turn up the heat with the soulful and jazzy "Just Groovin’ (Main Room Madness)." Sultry female vocals in the smooth electronica of "Tanto Tempo (PK’s Bebel im Nebel Remix)" by Bebel Gilberto and "Rise" by Samantha James transition Birth into the emotional R&B song "Evening Sun" by Bliss. The expressive primal sounds of "Shambhala" by Lux lead into the expansive worldly bass of Banco de Gaia’s "Maya" to close the Birth experience.