Spread your wings with the metamorphic sounds of Butterfly, a soundtrack filled with smooth electronica and chill-out tracks aimed at bringing you along a transformative journey. 



The enlightening flute of Purekane’s "Winds From The East (feat. Shannon Day)," Brown Bear’s latin mix of Afterlife’s "Cry" and Purekane’s yogic "Way of the Priest (feat. Soriah)" each begin Butterfly with a calming cocoon of multi-cultural, angelic sounds. "Feel You" by Govind and No Logo’s "How Many More Years" both bring transformative trip-hop beats. Fully lose yourself within the liquid bass beat in "Butterfly Heart" by Chris Coco. Lemon Popsicle’s remix of "Summertime" by Chris Coco begins a trancelike beat of change while keeping the mellow vibes. Butterfly finishes its metamorphosis with the chill-out tracks "On The Inside" and "Miracle" by Afterlife.