Effortlessly weaving ambient, downtempo, blues, reggae, house and electro-acoustic into one experience, Cadence takes the listener on an unforgettable musical journey.


Low tones awaken the senses in the opening piece "To Mend" before gliding into lighter string showcase, "Dorbo." Upbeat funk and vocals by Norah Jones in "New York City" begins a journey to a metropolitan sound before introducing the listener to "Souk Rok," where Ranu Raraku incorporates the soothing sounds of the Eastern world. "Brasilero (Night’s Mix)" by Sharman’s Dream continues this cultural exploration with a faster tempo featuring the combination of percussion and electronic beats. Kascade excites in "Sometimes," a fast-paced dance track with a lighter aura. Louis Armstrong then jumps in with Jazzbox to offer the bright jazzy sounds of "Smiling." "Brief Encounter" calms the ear with ambient echoes. A return to a tranquil string movement brings the experience to "Deeper" by Rena Jones & Eliyahu Sills. Finally, "Weaving" offers the relaxing vocal talents of Alex Alcyone and Cadence comes to a close.