Ancestry and community. The breath of life. Canta curates mindfulness with captivating world music for a unique and gentle listening experience.


Frontera’s ethereal ambient track "How To Get Ahead" begins Canta on a pleasantly quirky note, which the ceremonial chorus in "Nourah" by Makyo continues in primal style. The gentle croons of "Somptin Hapnin (Water In Me)" by Adham Shaikh set the basis for the worldly chants and electronic beat of "Sufani" by Gaudi. "G’s Talking Drum Mix of Open Sesame" by Crosstown Traffic picks up the tempo with flavors of R&B synth, which Biddu expands upon with his Middle Eastern-inspired "Raag Trance." Canta winds down to stillness with "Gayatri (Ambient Mix)" by Adham Shaikh and the gentle rhythms in "Sweet Timelessness" by Kenya Masala.