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Riddled with deep and energetic base tones, Dream discovers a state of mind which suspends the listener between consciousness and dream state to aide in self-actualization.


The compilation begins with "Zoo York," a fresh and mellow track that’s sure to awaken the senses. Melodic base elements make "This is Love" by Steffwell & Freisig an unforgettable entanglement of sound. This followed by "Brutha Noah," featuring an upbeat, soulful song with tambourine accents, brings a unique combination of uplifting sounds to the mix. N* Granjean offers a sweet acoustic vibe with the eclectic track "Wake Up With Me." Continuing to immerse the listener culturally, the next track features classic Nigerian hit "Agolo" performed by Angelique Kidjo. The energy level continues to rise with the song rhythmic "Close To My Skin" by Big Sexy ft. Kevin Yost and Peter Funk. "Drum Machine" takes percussion to the next level with its resonant bass drums procured by the Munnibrotherz. Afro-Mystik then takes a journey on "The Road," emphasizing lighter percussion to embody its energetic spirit. The bright piano keys in Sunshine’s mix showcase a slower remix that encompasses the abstract intentions of Kenneth Badger’s piece.  "In the Waiting Line" by Zero 7, the listener once again sees the use of lower notes to calm the heart rate. Finally, Pedro’s curation of a smooth vocal element with playful piano keys by Dahlia brings the listener back to their energy center.