Dream Walker




Dreamwalker oozes with ruminating tones in its ambient tracks and world music alike, a moody and introspective listening experience perfect for reflection.


Jaïa’s Le Chant des Sirenes kicks off Dreamwalker with worldly ambiance. Expressive acoustic guitar leads Ganga’s "Luna and the Spanish Vibes of Marisi" by Cantoma. Brooding tones collide with temperate African drums in "Dah-Din Beats" by Ges-E + Usman as well as Makyo’s billowing "Tantrika." Thievery Corporation rouses a campfire shuffle with their tribal "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter." Auditory Sculpture slowly wakes you from Dreamwalker with the moody bass of "Spanish Seaside" and the haunting yet intriguing organ in "Organ Grinder."