A landscape of soothing rhythms, Earthsong offers a relationship with the beat and pulse of the Earth in its powerful, instrumental music pieces perfect for meditation.


"Dreams At Dusk" by Kenya Masala lulls you into a mindful state with orchestral sounds. Thunderball’s "The Moon, The Sky" prominent dub beat pulses through your body as "Saracen" by Jeff Stott introduces African drums to create a primordial feeling. Lose yourself in the deep bass of Shakatura’s "Smoky Quartz" and the pounding beat in "Born2bWild (Original Mix)" by Puff Dragon. Friendly horns mix with joyous vocal notes in Thievery Corporation’s "Exilio (Rewound)," which Ursula 1000 follows with psychedelic effects in "Boogaloop." True to its name, "Coming Down" by Rasiya features a beautiful acoustic guitar melody over a calming Middle Eastern-inspired rhythm. Earthsong concludes its spiritual journey with futuristic ambient synth sounds in "Visions" by Purekane.