Feeling is a collection of deep instrumental tracks that are meant to be felt and expressed on an individual level. Moody electro-soul mixes with instrumental R&B to create a futuristic vision of sound.



Matt Darey’s "From Russia With Love (Alaska Mix)" starts the experience with a darkly emotional atmosphere. Katcha takes you higher with wonder and awe in the instrumental "Touched By God." Odd and playful bass beats in "Soultripping (feat. Zaire)" by Attila and "It's Hot" by Fünf D aim to intrigue and inspire. A captivating R&B synth in "The Pull" by Friend Within then transitions you into a pumping nightclub setting with house track "Lost Harpist" by David Freedom. Friendly clinks and xylophone rings in "Kling Klang" by The Frequency create childlike playfulness that is continued through Acronym’s "Come Away." Feeling comes to a close with the introspective ambient track "A Day Unnoticed" by The Frequency.