FloorPlay plays with trance and space-like ambient sounds, and is an ethereal experience that creates relaxing and reflective energies in its simple rhythms. 


The artist Csillagkod begins the soundtrack with the otherworldly tracks "Transexistencial Perspectives" and "Space Evolution" which expand your mind with their synth sounds of nebulas and planets. Shambala Network guides us through the rest of the musical journey beginning with the pulsing trance song "A Place To Live." The playful tones of "Ne Tetesd Magda Hogy Alszol" recall the inner workings of a grandfather clock. Dub tracks "Ertede" and "Anxious Monologue" inject urban vibes capped off by the refreshing chill house of "Evsak." FloorPlay ends in a cosmic state with "Perfect Humanity" and the expansive meditation of "Eso. Evszazad. Tenger."