Fly is a supersonic club mix of electronic dance and rock n’ roll that will lift you above every feeling other than the overwhelming urge to dance.


Taking flight with the airy "Wish You Were Here" by Bliss, piano and accordion accents provide an expressive piece. Crazy P’s "Beatbox" starts with a simple beatboxed beat and spreads its wings to include an orchestra and vocalist who take the experience higher. Kascade & EDX team up with Haley to bring you to new heights above the clouds with their electronic house tracks "Don’t Stop Dancing" and "What Do You Say." Kat Deluna empowers with her dance song "Dancing Tonight" before Bush takes over with rock song "The Sound of Winter." "Drop it Low" by Kat Deluna injects sex appeal before Bart Hafeman’s "Fly" provides a release of all remaining energy for the climax of the album. Erika Jayne’s "Beautiful" provides mellow electronica as you glide toward the earth, Etienne de Crecy’s "Rhythm & Beat" further slowing your descent with chill hip-hop beats. Fly touches ground with Bob Holroyd’s promising "Butterfly" and soothes you to rest with Infernal’s ambient "Bliss Mix of Serengeti."