Step consciously and with intent, as you step into GO amidst this collection of chill, techno-laced, rhythmic and soulful sounds. Each uniquely crafted song is arranged to improve your movement skill while stimulating a body sensing experience.


Canadian musical group Eccodek steers Go in the right direction with the soothing, transcendental, Eastern Asia influenced sounds of, “Mongolia on the Line.” Steady and mellow “Mobius” by composer Lis Addison provides a sound healing experience guided by smooth keyboard rhythms, which eases listeners flawlessly into the driving beats of Oded Nir’s, “Power of the Hair”, a chill lounge vibe with island-inspired vocals of MC King Dread James. With engaging techno pulses, “Impossible Love” creates a cadenced beat that uplifts the spirit and rejuvenates the body. Tel-Aviv vocalist, Meital De Razon brings the energy in the soulful, electronic dance rhythms of “In Love Again.” Oded Nir creates a light and playful arrangement, strung together with an upbeat uniform measured tempo in “Midnight Snacker.” Following is another one of his compilations, “Again and Again,” a song with sultry undertones and festive percussion. “Flutter Vision” by San Francisco producer, Shiny Objects, produces a psychedelic, funky tech sound that will readily transcend you into the groove. A mind and body cool down await, as Kaya Project’s, “Under the Spell,” utilizes hypnotic vocals and digital measure to support sensing and moving with ease in your body. Suave sounds of Jazz electronica and a dreamy saxophone will fill you with tranquil vibes in “Pulses” by Adani & Wolf. Rounding off the compilation is “All Our Souls,” by experimental producer Worthy, whose euphoric, ambient vocals and melody will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.