Appreciation, empowerment, and carpe diem. Grateful instills these feelings with its emphasis on expressive piano, driving electronic dance and pure emotion in every lyric.





"Teiva" by Steve Rokosh powerfully exemplifies these qualities on all counts and establishes Grateful as an emotional journey. Robin Cuvelier’s beautiful waltz "Le Trublion" builds up your emotions. Jenna Yvonne’s "You & I" and "Gamma Ray (Balearic Disco Mix)" by Martin Brodin encourage you to kick off your shoes and dance with their driving electronic beats. Kelsi Luch’s "That’s What I Like" playfully brings out the child in you, which is then encouraged to come out and play in the fast-tempo of "Crazy Knowledge (Soul Of Man Remix)" by Dreadzone as well as "Get Up" by Badmarch & Shri Signs. Kascade’s "Angel On My Shoulder" slows the tempo while holding on to the infectious energy. The graceful "Birds Of Night (feat. Charlie Maniaci)" by Kyle Devine and "Luscious" by Random Rab both stir your emotions. The explosion of feel-good vibes in Nimesh Patel & Daniel Nahmod’s "Grateful" finishes the experience strong with wonderful perspective.