From dub, to trance, to swing, Joy engages you with its collection of happy-go-lucky dub, electro-swing and jazzy flair, keeping you guessing which new expression of joy will come next. 


You are lulled into Joy with heavenly sounds in The Frequency’s "When We Dance On Glass We Bleed Happily Ever After." The trancelike dub of "Lay Your Sorrows Down" by Bluetech & Katrina Blackstone blends into the gentle bass beat of PMFM’s remix of Deep Dive Corp’s "Sister (feat. Dennis le Gree)." "Mussiki E" by Miango invigorates you with a cacophony of congo drums. Goldfish jazzes the encounter with "We Come Together (Fishy Beat)" and the bombastic "Let’s Do It Again." Electro-swing tune "Swing Ain’t That" by KB Swing brings quirky fun to your step. Returns from both Deep Dive Corp as well as Bluetech & Katrina Blackstone begin to calm the soundscape with the reassuring "Little Ditty" and healing energies in "Change." Joy comes to a dreamlike close with "Earthian" by T.