The first NiaSounds compilation of 2017, “Life” brings together acoustic and electronic vibes to let the sensation renew and rediscover our own life every day.


Copenhagen DJ Bjarno kicks off the compilation with Moon Walking, offering a low, sultry beat to ease the listener into “Life.” Digitally charged Only U by DJ Pippi offers a ramp up into Green Sophia, where Bjarno hits the listener with a mixture of eastern vocals and low electronic beats. Bluetech follows up with the mellow bongo beats featured in Moving Clouds. The beat then takes a hint from the eighties in Bust Da Drop by Discowboyz. Diggin’ on You allows Elekfantz to continue the upbeat trend which leaves the listener with little choice besides dancing. Bossacucanova then combine the sway of Bossa Nova with electronic groove-based dance music to bring Blanca (Nao Pode Parar!) to the ears of the listener. What Silence Said by Susheela Raman then takes acoustic and light percussion sounds to begin to slow down the vibe.  The low, slow electronic beats from Leaving Babylon offers Bluetech Sounds a chance to put a “cyber” spin on the tracks. The purely string and acoustic song Lift Your Gaze from Mina Twice calms the soul before Azur offers a sleepily soothing piano melody to drift the listener back to reality.