Rich and powerful, Opal is a collection of emotionally-charged, multi-cultural tracks curated to restore and inspire. 


Illumine, Shannon Day & Stephen Brown begin the healing adventure of Opal with tender and chill tracks "Japanese," "Traveling" and "Magic Carpet." The Kaminsky Experience Inc’s "Exploration" features an inspirational speech. "Nungabunda" by Ganga Girl invigorates with aboriginal sounds and exotic excitement. The namesake of the collection, Adham Shaikh’s "Opal" draws on African-inspired drums, flutes and a deep house beat to produce a freeing and invigorating soundscape. "Amma" by James Asher & Sivamani continues the drive with its fast tempo, then tempered by the soft synth and bass of Purekane’s deep thought-inducing "Downtown." Bathe in ocean waves and feel calm wash over you with "Feel Your Body Float" by Anuvida & Nik Tyndall as Opal draws to a close.