R1 speaks to the connection of all beings on this earth with a beautiful and optimistic collection of electronic, ambient sounds and funky beats.


Magic Sound Fabric begins R1 with "We Are All Connected," a harmonious and optimistic electronica instrumental. "Calling" by Bliss continues the heavenly feeling and adds tender female vocals. R1 gets your energy pulsing with "Lovers House" by City Reverb and the story of connection featured in "One World, One People" by Xcultures. Happy and fun, the funky Reverso 68 remix of "City Of Light" by City Reverb prepares you for the blazing tempo and evocative percussion in "Shakin’ It Up" by Ganga Giri. Soulful hip-hop in "Shine" by Joshua couples with the intrigue in Zen Breaks’ remix of "Madh Assalhin" by Cheb I Sabbah to begin slowing down the experience. "Afterlife" leads you out of the R1 experience with their refreshing electronica song "Speck of Gold."