Passion drives the body, heart, and soul to dance like no other with its collection of soul and Eastern-inspired hip-hop tracks, featuring bright and shining sounds.


MBmusic’s "Come To Me" and Kaledj & Neko’s "Souvenir" prepare you for Passion with soulful slow beats. MBmusic’s series of funky fun tracks allow you to delve deep into Passion with "A Bright Future," "Kyoto Drink," and "I Need Your Love." The upbeat hip-hop of Nu Shooz Orchestra’s "(The Return Of) Point of No Return" develops into intimate disco with "Passion Of Your Passion" by Gat Decor. Ganga Giri’s "Culture" turns up the tempo and transitions into the uniquely playful and ethnic sounds of MBmusic’s "Geisha." MRJ’s "Beautiful World" leads you out of the Passion experience with its heavenly mixture of acoustic guitar and choir.