Splashed with talent and originality, Rise is a panorama of sounds that ranges from upbeat reggae to electro-acoustic fusions, and back again with soothing rhythms.


Prem Joshua curates a nostalgic feeling with their pleasantly atmospheric "Dabari N.Y.C." Jeremy Roske’s "Rainbow" features a beautiful duet over an acoustic guitar which transitions into an upbeat reggae beat in "Life For Your Money." Rise distinguishes itself with songs of incredible originality such as "Lahore Connection" by Prem Joshua, who blends R&B beats with an exotic sitar. The artist Biboul Darouiche Soleil Bantu brings creativity to a new level in "New World Order" and "Dzogene Ma," where blues, jazz and funk are weaved into unique electro-acoustic experiences. Prem Joshua & Band add bongos to a funky bass line in "Chandra." Jeremy Roske’s hip-hop song "People Rise" empowers you to rise up to the challenge. Finally, credits roll with David Lurey’s "Om Namo Bhagavate" and complete with Danny Becher’s ambient "Inside."