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“Sacred” offers the collection of tracks from 2016 which have been curated to assist the listener in relaxing and utilizing every bone in the body. 


All Colours by Bob Holroyd begins the mix with an eclectic somber sound. The beat of the bongo drums build a bridge rooted in Factor 30 by Bjarno. Sunday Morning, Up All Night by NYXYSS transitions into a more electronic base, still maintaining the low beat which flows through each track. The listener is then transported to the middle east with a magical sound opening up into One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix) by Kaya Project and Tala Odessey (Drumspyder Remix) by Desert Dwellers with eastern influenced chords which manage to balance deep base notes with an upbeat tempo. Torch continues this vibe, intermixing latin and eastern cultural sounds for a track and seeps into the listener’s bones and makes them want to dance. Shaman’s Dream’s Afronaut shakes up the sounds, replacing some previously heard dark drums with lighter maracas and cymbals as well as vocals. Bollywood Drums explains it’s signature sound in the title, playing with the ambient bells and African drums. The Indian influence continues in Mumbai Madness by Mashti with inspirational words mingling with the background sounds. “Sacred” closes out with a mellow combination of electronic chords and wind instruments with Troels Hammer’s Father Space to finally assist in releasing the listener back into reality.