The healing waves of omniscient bass form the basis of Sanjana, a sensuous release of energy both in stillness, with its slower instrumental offerings, and in movement during the album’s playful, high-energy pieces.


Bad Marsh & Shri envelop you with the healing energies of “Savanna” before dropping into a head-bobbing hip-hop beat with "Signs." "Sol Tapado" by Thievery Corporation feature a heavy dub bass with gentle Spanish lyrics, which Universal Funk then expands upon with funky synth sounds and a soulful sample of vocals in "I’m in Heaven." Thievery Corporation drives you to dance with playful dub "Holographic Universe," the whispers of vocals in "Omid (Hope)" and the samba energy featured in "Air Batucada." Solovox picks up the pace in "Am I The Only One?" which is continued in the heavy electro sounds of "Minimba (Feat. Mari Boine)" by Future Prophecies. The peace and spiritual efficacy of "The Spirit of The Earth Continues (Floating Earth Remix)" by Cybertribe finishes Sanjana and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.