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Self-heal with SELFLESS. Karen Drucker utilizes spiritual hymns, uplifting chants, and soothing instrumentals to produce a euphoric experience geared towards a body, mind and spirit healing journey.


Your journey of self-healing begins with Karen Drucker’s “Breathe,” a soothing serenade that will positively direct your breath and intention. Sense a surge of unconditional gratitude as you groove to the upbeat tempo and rhythmic drumming sounds of  “Thank You for This.” Award your body, mind and spirit with the uplifting beats and vocals of “Gifts of the Goddess,” then elevate your conscience with the hearty hymn of “Healed, Whole and Healthy.” In “Blessing to the World” the use of hypnotic vocals and digital measure support a spiritual sensing of moving with ease in your body. The jazzy, sultry sounds of “Lighten Up” will get you moving and feeling good, easing you flawlessly into the driving drumming pulses of “The Power of Women,” an affirming statement of the unwavering strength of the feminine. Twangy, country inspired beats and lighthearted lyrics makes for an entertaining sound listening experience in “Triggered.” A soulful cooldown awaits with the calming sounds of “I Am Grateful,” easing you smoothly into the piano driven chants of “Holy Holy Holy.” The chill, Hawaiian-inspired lounge sounds of “Ho’oponopono” highlights the power of forgiveness, followed by “Namaste” a sound healing experience focused on seeing the beauty in one another. Awaken your inner God-Goddess with the melodic vocals and soothing instrumentals of “The Face of God.” Discover your truth with the loving melody of  “Dropping Down,” then enter a state of wholehearted self-love with the remedying vocals and lyrics of “I Am a Gift.” Rounding off the compilation is “There is Only Love,” whose euphoric, ambient vocals and instrumentals will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace.