Lis Addison brings SOURCE to the surface with an album that draws on African-inspired drums, chants and rhythmic styling along with hypnotic vocals and techno-laced beats; to produce a euphoric experience geared towards a body and mind transcendence that will ultimately lead you back to your one Source.  


Awaken your inner God-Goddess with the melodic vocals and soothing instrumentals of Lis Addison’s “Blue Lotus.” Move your body, move your soul with the upbeat sounds of “Papa Kamba,” then travel to an African oasis with the kindred crooning and uplifting beats of “Zadaka.” Direct energy and attention to your movements and allow pleasure to surge through your body while listening to the joyous hymns of “Mama Yangu.” Next up is “Kunda Chant,” a sound healing experience guided by soothing, trancing vocals and a rich beat that flawlessly eases listeners into the techno-laced measures of, “Star People Chant”, a track that will get you up on your feet and moving. Get inspired by the engaging drumming pulses of “Do What You Love,” a cadenced beat that will elevate the spirit and rejuvenate the body. Then, transcend your body and mind into the groove with “Renaissance Woman” a psychedelic, funky tech rhythm with festive percussion. A mind and body cool down await with, “Arctic Aurora Reprise,” which utilizes hypnotic flow and digital measure to support sensing and moving with ease in your body.  Rounding off the compilation is “Water Spirits,” whose euphoric, ambient vocals and melody will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.