Sensuous and lush, the compilation Velvet encourages you to touch and be touched by its collection of sensory smooth electronica, passionate R&B and funky tones.


The deepness and restorative resonance of sound in "Your Sincerely" by Bhakta begins the Velvet experience. "Oolong Journey" by Purekane & Thosho blends a funky beat with lush worldly sounds which then transitions into the passionate electronica of Justin Le Mar’s remix of "Lovin Music" by Vision Factory. The smoldering desire in Afterlife’s R&B song "Show You Something" delves into the compilation's stimulating core and sets the stage for Rodney Hunter’s soulful electronica of "Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart (feat. Diana)." "National Dobro" by Afterlife and "Don’t Deny Me Love (Feat. Alexandra)" by Physics both turn up the tempo with their alluring electronica offerings. Velvet winds down with tender, raw emotion in "Free (feat. Shannon Day)" by Illumine and the moody soul of Afterlife’s "How Does It Feel." The slow funk of "Spring Again" by Faberge leads you out of the escapade in groggy pleasure.