A masterful mix of electro-acoustic, Vhouse, downtempo, reggae, lounge and mellow hip-hop. The brilliant collection Vibe boasts thoughtful lyrics and instrumental variety.



Vibe first offers a calm, cool, and collected track “Fragile Beauty”, which defines the path of the soundscape. Flowing effortlessly into “Sun Is Shining”, ReUnited dazzles with an acoustic piece laced with low piano notes for a more serious sound. “Miracle” from Afterlife then curates a cool lounge track that echoes voices, emulating the human thought process while showcasing a jazzy bass guitar. Electronic notes then hit the scene in combination with Rodney Hunter’s vocals to “Find It.” The journey then takes the listener to the wild, where natural sounds combine with the soft synthetic sounds for a modern twist on classic natural healing sounds in “Cry” by Afterlife. A sudden methodical base drop makes an appearance in “Star Power” as this play on House music motivates the listener to move. “Bodyrock” by Moby then offers a motivational lyrics and electric guitar to keep them moving. “Colour in My Name” cools the Vibe down with a calm rap with provocative lyrics from Spiral System. Closing out the set, “100 Billion Stars” by Lux remixes basic human thoughts and effortlessly intertwines them with electronic notes.