Come along for the journey in ZenSation, a cinematic whirlwind of worldly sounds combined with electronic beats that conjure images of daring explorers in deep jungle lands. 


ZenSation begins with an epic journey through lost temples with the cinematic "Lost Soul" by Bliss. The dangerously urgent tribal beat in "Red Rhythm Dragon" by James Asher sounds like a narrow escape. "Nature (Reverso 68 Mix)" by Frontera takes the dramatic worldly sounds from before and sets them to a funky beat, which "Un Simple Histoire (Rewound by Voidd)" by Thievery Corporation then takes and molds into Latin-inspired electronica. The dark and full synth sounds found in both "Flying Beyond" by Adham Shaikh & Catherine Porter as well as "Bulge" by Shakatura get your feet moving. Aboriginal didgeridoos in "Pemulwuy" by James Asher stir your instincts, which are cooled down by the slow urban sounds in "Fuzz" by Slowdeck. The credits roll to ZenSation with vivid imagery from the blissful ambient track "Forever Infinity" by Liquid Zen.