An Interview with Terry Robb

Terry Robb is a staple of the Portland Blues community. Newly signed to NiaSounds, he has over 15 solo albums and has participated in the creation of 45 separate albums from artists varying from John Fahey to Alice Stuart. Now with the release of Cool on the Bloom on November 1st, Terry emerges from the studio where he has been working harder than ever.

We sat down with Terry to discuss his new album and his inspirations.

What type of music inspires you?
Anything that’s good. There’s two kinds of music- good and bad music. It doesn’t matter what genre. 
Do you have anything that defines good music for you?
Which specific musicians you look up to?
The early blues and jazz musicians and early classical musicians. 
Do you have any names that come to mind?
Yeah there would be Charlie Patton would cover the blues and Wagner would cover the classical.
So how would you say you’re similar to those artists, and how would you say you’re different?
Well, similar in that we’re all professional musicians. I like to take all kinds of influences into my own thing. I draw from a deep pool. Ethnic music and anything else too.
Awesome. And how are you different?
How am I different is that I’m mostly composing for one instrument or a few.
Is there anything else you draw inspiration from?
No, I just think music represents music.
If you can, choose three words to define your music.
Sincerity, emotional, honest.
Since you’re releasing your new album “Cool on the Bloom”, could you tell us about how you feel about your new album so far?
I feel that I’m able to really draw from all my influences and express technically what I want to say.
Do you think that message is different from your other albums?
I think it’s just clearer.
Is there anything that stands out to you about the music on your new album that’s different from your other albums?
Original compositions.
So, what’s next for you?
To promote the album and get the word out there.

You can purchase Cool on the Bloom now on iTunes.

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