Martial Arts and Music

The martial arts are some of the oldest practices that exist within world cultures today. Surfacing more than 4000 year ago, martial arts are depicted in the early paintings as a form of self defense. Some cultures incorporated meditation and other skills such as in China where they learned weaving, calligraphy, sculpting, painting, music and math.

From Thailand to Hawaii to Japan to China, martial arts have manifested themselves all over the world. Practices of martials arts and music creation have intermingled throughout the centuries. Much of what is considered “martial arts music” aligns with traditionals sounds from the respective native countries. Though the practices generally do not require music, many modern centers of practice include music as a part of the meditation experience. 


In late 2016, NiaSounds partnered with Nia for their newest routine compilation “Dragon.” Requesting in infusion of dance and martial arts music, NiaSounds curated this unique playlist for a dance routine anticipated by Nia lovers worldwide. 

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