Bringing a “Crazy” Edge to Pulse

There is no more appropriate adjective for this well-established band than “crazy.” From their outlandish beginnings to their wild tour stories, Crazy P has become a staple of the electronic music community.

Chris Todd and John Baron founded the group during college in 1995, using their original band name to create a shock value unmatched by other local Nottingham bands. They eventually added bassist Tim Davies, percussionist Mav Kendricks, and vocalist Danielle Moore. Then a full band, Crazy P was ready to take on the world.

Since 1998 they’ve released eight albums including their most recent, “Walk Talk Dance Sing”. Although based in the United Kingdom, their fan base is heavily Australian and Crazy P has toured the country three times since their conception.

Crazy P is featured on Pulse with their dance track “Heartbreaker.”  The softer hits of percussion and maraca sounds flow with Moore’s vocals to create the track’s unique sound. 

You can purchase the percussion-heavy dance tracks on the Pulse compilation, featuring the music of Crazy P, on Amazon.

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