Sacred Spirit at NiaSounds

As many people know, creating music is not an easy task. When it comes to recording traditional tracks, it can be even more difficult to find producers passionate enough about the project to get it rolling. So who are the people behind tribal music recordings? 

Just one of the groups going out of their way to mass produce these sounds is Sacred Spirit. Sacred Spirit is an initiative from German producers Claus Zundel, Ralf Hamm and Markus Staab. The three came together in 1994 around the idea that Native American sounds could be blended with other European genres to create hits and honestly, they were not far off. Their 5th album reached #14 on the Italian charts and charted in at least 3 other countries. For a blended album this far exceeded the expectations of their label. Over the next 10 years, they worked to make five Native American song compilations as well as two Jazz/Blues mixes. 

Before Sacred Spirit found musical fame in the spiritual sound and blues community, they intended their initiative to benefit the Native American Rights Foundation. Passionate about helping native peoples, all profits from their seven albums go directly to this foundation to help further the preservation of tribal cultures. Although they are no longer actively producing music, their attempts to preserve the sounds of different tribes are commendable by any measure.

NiaSounds is proud to feature “May You Walk in the Sunshine” from Sacred Spirit’s fifth album in our spiritual dance compilation Soul. You can purchase “May You Walk in the Sunshine” in the Soul compilation on Amazon and Google Play.

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