Music to Fuel the Soul

NiaSounds’ compilation Soul was first compiled in 2012 for Nia Technique. Earthy and raw, Soul blends the percussive, live instrumentation of Native American music with thick electronic beats, awakening the primal dance within. 

Soul opens with “Medicine Man’s Other Room” by Oliver Shanti & Friends, an authentic Native American-inspired song featuring a beautiful flute lead alongside electric guitar. These sounds are developed with rock music-style arrangements and guitars in Sacred Spirit’s “May You Walk In Sunshine” and “Red Storm Rising (Nii’dii’jee’)” by Douglas Spotted Eagle. Worlds collide in Geoffrey Gordon’s “Warrior’s Ring” and “Victory Dance” by Mystic Rhythms Band, in which the distinct Native American sounds are perfectly mixed with modern electronic dance beats for a truly unique experience. 

One At Last’s “Yanni Hu Wey” turns up the heat with a blazing Eurobeat tempo, which “Sioux War Dance” by Shawnee and “Indian Trance” by Hilight Tribe Stellar continue with fist-pumping energy. “House Made of Dawn” by Douglas Spotted Eagle grounds you once again for an optimistically reflective finale to Soul.

You can purchase Soul compilation on Amazon and Google Play.

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