Featuring Nadia Kazmi

Canada is responsible for many of the most celebrated musicians in North America. From Joni Mitchell, to Céline Dion, to Drake every genre has a Canadian counterpart who sheds light on the vibrant Canadian music scene. NiaSounds featured artist Nadia Kazmi is a prime example of an underappreciated voice in the blues-rock genre. 

Born in Alberta, Canada, Nadia grew up with musical influences spanning from folk to pop music. Since recording her first album in Los Angeles, Nadia has toured the US three times and recorded two more EPs as well as the exclusive track “My People” for NiaSounds. As a surprisingly upbeat blues-dance track hybrid, Nadia’s soothing voice conveys an empowering message that aligns with the story told by the Magic compilation.

Nadia continues to perform at events in both New York and Canada, transcending national borders.

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