Badmarsh & Shri

The duo Badmarshi & Shri have been adding their eastern flare to electronic tracks since 1997. Badmarsh, which translates to “rascal” in Hindi, joined Shri after working in a nightclub in London and realizing his dream to become a DJ. Shri toured with famed Indian-British electronic composer Nitin Sawhney for five years before breaking away to create his own sound with Badmarsh & Shri. Taking a hint from Shri’s mentor Nitin Sawhney, the duo has mastered the combination of ambient sounds, Iindian folk music, and electronic mixes. Together they went on to quickly become a well-known trip hop duo in the UK, releasing two best-selling albums. Although it has been over 15 years since their last album, odds are at this very moment across the pond Badmarsh & Shri are making magic. 

Badmarsh & Shri star in NiaSound’s newest compilation Dragon. Featured on 6 of the album’s tracks, their experimental electronic sound is the guiding force behind the compilation. 

You can purchase Dragon compilation on Amazon.

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