Stories Told Through Strings

The first time we listened to the inspired tracks from Ms. Claire, we knew she was someone special. From her classical roots to her current contemporary folk melodies, Kathryn Claire is easily one of the most intriguing folk artists on the Portland music scene today.

Listening to Claire’s music is not a passive activity. Her sounds take the listener on a journey through the stories she tells in five minutes or less. Passion for folk music is not a question, but more of a statement when it comes to Claire and her band. 

February 23rd was a big day for Ms. Claire. A testament to her storytelling power, she packed local bar Turn Turn Turn for her vinyl release party, a completely crowdfunded project. Claire performed an entire setlist from her upcoming album, Bones Will Last:

1. Syringa/Hallowed Halls
2.  Bones Will Last
3.  The Fugue
4.  Sweet Chariot
5.  It Was Your Voice
6.  Last Day
7.  Never Be
8.  Ridee/The Forest Flower
9.  Thaw
10. Bjornestompe

You can find the video of her first public performance of Hallowed Halls here.

Bones Will Last will be available soon on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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