Terry Robb is #39 on the Billboard Blues Album Charts

NiaSounds is excited and honored to announce that Terry Robb’s newest album, Confessin’ My Dues, has debuted at #39 on the Top 100 Billboard Blues Album Chart. In addition to this accolade track 5 on the album, "Heart Made of Steel," debuted at #1 and #23 on Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart and Top 50 Blues Song Chart, respectively.

Since releasing in March of this year, Confessin’ My Dues has received wide critical acclaim from the Blues community and musical critics alike.

In Confessin' My Dues, Robb draws on his deep knowledge of Delta blues, ragtime and swing in 13 original compositions ranging from blistering instrumental blues and melodic ragtime fingerpicking to soulful singing backed by a powerhouse rhythm section.

Drawing from the well of country blues to Coltrane, ragtime to Hendrix, Americana to American Primitivism, Confessin’ My Dues represents a lifetime of musical experiences and influences for Robb. “I wanted a modern take on familiar themes without leaving tradition behind,” says Robb.

Confessin’ My Dues continues to captivate listeners with its melodic and rhythmic invention and musical virtuosity.

Buy / Stream / Download the album at https://www.terryrobb.com/confessin-my-dues


Selected album reviews:

Imagine the unique guitar style of John Fahey, the fingerpicking technique of Stefan Grossman and the electrifying speed of Tommy Emmanuel all rolled into one. Canadian acoustic and resonator guitar virtuoso Terry Robb exemplifies these qualities on his 15th solo recording representing the apogee of his musical achievements. The album comprises mainly original compositions drawing on Delta blues, ragtime, folk music, country and jazz traditions...It is impossible to overstate the significance and sheer delight of this outstanding, clever and creative album from a true blues legend at the top of his game.
— THE BISHOP, Blues Matters Magazine
Confessin’ My Dues is thoroughly satisfying. Any blues fan will find a few favorites here. He starts off with a bang, with the impeccable instrumental ragtime Butch Holler Stomp which sets the stage for the red-hot guitar work presented on this record, followed up by an equally potent instrumental, Deltastyle blues Still On 101. The instrumental Vestapol is another outstanding cut by this guitar maestro. This version was written by Terry Robb, John Fahey, and Robert Wilkins, based on a traditional song that derived from turn of the 19th century parlor guitar tradition. The term Vestapol normally refers to open D tuning. Maryland guitarist John Fahey popularized Vestapol in what some call American primitivism, arguably a misnomer. One of the gems of this album is the brilliant ragtime instrumental composition Death of Blind Arthur, a song that showcases Robb’s intricate fingerpicking mastery. Assumedly a tribute to the great ragtime picker Blind Blake, Robb not only shows his technical skills but brings out expressive soulful feeling in this stunning instrumental. You feel the sheer reverence down to the core. Simply beautiful! When he gets out the slide to take us down to the Delta, with tunes like the brilliant High Desert Everywhere, the matter is clear: Terry Robb is one of our finest acoustic guitarists today. He’s not just technically sublime; he plays with unrestrained passion that you will feel deep down inside.
— Frank Matheis, Living Blues Magazine
Each tune on Confessin’ My Dues has its own merit. The glue to each track is not only the solid writing, but the masterful skills of Robb on guitar. His voice is solid and conveys each tune with character and varied timbre adding interest to the overall album sound. Robb has been at this a respectable amount of time, that muster certainly shines its glimmer on his latest offering. A recommended listen!
— Nolan Conghaile, Chalked Up Reviews