“U” Can Bring the Workout Home

Ann Christiansen began her adult life competing on the Swedish National Swimming team in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Michael Beckwith devoted his life to his New Thought ministries in 1986 with the establishment of his spiritual center. Debbie Rosas  established her fitness brand Nia as a pioneer in mind-body fitness in 1976. These three people were on seemingly divergent paths, yet just a few decades later their worlds converged with NiaSound’s most recent compilation project. 

A testament to the common thread, NiaNow’s “U” Routine emphasizes holistic health. The routine features a 54 minute dance workout led by Christiansen to one of Beckwith’s most popular anthems,“U R The Answer.” Released by NiaNow just one month ago, NiaSounds is excited to see how their compilation work ties into the somatic journey.

Shimmying and kicking around the dance floor, the minutes are packed with a variety of movements integrated from dance, healing, and martial arts to completely exercise the body and mind. For Nia patrons and newcomers, this product represents what we believe is an exciting development.  This is the first time the low-impact workout line has been offered to students at home internationally. We don’t know about you, but we always find things to feel easier when they can be done on their own time.

Check out the new “U" Routine for yourself and let us know what you think.