Musicians Meet Politicians

Congress isn’t exactly the first group that comes to mind whenever people think of the music industry. The Beatles, the Spice Girls, Maroon5 or even One Direction greatly supersede in the general thinking of groups that have held power within the music industry. In reality, Congress plays an important role in monitoring and changing the way in which the music industry operates through legislation. 

Recognizing local congressmen and congresswomen as a decisive power in the market, the GRAMMYs decided to create a grassroots initiative which brings music creators together to lobby for regulations that will help the music industry flourish while advocating for creators’ rights. Thus, “GRAMMYs in my District” was born.

Each year since 2014, the Recording Academy has assembled musicians, producers and industry professionals from each congressional district to further political actions that will help the industry. From rights regulations to sharing platforms, the day is set aside so artists like NiaSound’s Stuart and others can meet with their representatives to share their perspectives  on how their laws affect the lives of the average musician. This year local music creators are scheduled to visit their district offices nationwide on October 26th to discuss recent legislation making it harder for artists with different representation to collaborate, fair pay and other essential issues

You can learn more about GRAMMYs in my District here: