All For Rob Daiker

Rob Daiker knew at 16 years old he wanted to make music. After many years exploring the different facets of the music industry, he’s returned to working on his own projects. Previously he worked with those we would consider some of the best in the industry such as Katy Perry, Meredith Brooks, Christian Burghardt, The Fame Riot and Haley Johnsen. With his 3rd album Binary Affairs now pending arrival, it’s time to look into his first official single to see what glimpses it will give into the album.

“All For A Kiss” offers a unique blend of genres discernibly familiar to Daiker’s tracklists. R&B, Pop, and Electronic influences are all present in the way the song is constructed. The use of a slow, almost sensual base drum is reminiscent of Marvyn Gaye’s track “Let’s Get It On” while the addition of the tambourine to gives it the higher hit and modernizes the sound in Daiker’s signature style. 

Daiker uses the song to express his thoughts in a moment lost in adoration. Smooth and rhythmic, the lyrics tell a story of an almost lovesick state to which any person can relate. The slower tempo draws us in and then seizes us with the heartfelt lyrics accompanied by the lone piano melody.

The single offers a sound which deviates from Daiker’s love song anthems on his other albums.  His authentic and simultaneously catchy lyrics resonate in a familiar yet astonishing way . Here’s hoping the rest of the upcoming album will reflect this unique sound.

You can purchase “All For A Kiss” on iTunes today.

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