NiaSounds Artist Creates Global Citizen Compilation

Most can identify Central Park as one of the oldest inner-city parks in modern America. The 843-acre urban park has stayed relatively the same as New York City has grown up around it since its establishment in 1857. As the years have gone by, it has acted as a common ground not only for many New Yorkers, but drawn people from around the globe as they discussed what was going on in the world. Today is no different as the Global Citizen Festival helps continue this tradition with important discussions on how music fans worldwide can be conscious and compassionate towards the world around them.

Just four years ago on September 29th, 2012 the park began hosting the creators of the event as attendees worked towards their goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. According to their website, the organization “aims to raise the consciousness of a generation to make change inevitable.” As a modern day approach to charity and bringing awareness, the Global Citizens Festival acts as a platform for the yearly 60,000 attendees to tackle some of the world’s largest issues all while watching top artists perform and promote their favorite charities.

Renowned Portland musician Stuart produced a collection of music which shares the same principles as the Global Citizen creed. It is his hope that these songs will inspire his listeners to join the movement & extend love to their fellow human beings. Much like those who met in the Great Lawn in years past, Stuart wants to stimulate discussion on the world’s most pressing issues and cultivate solutions.

You can check out Stuart’s compilation on Soundcloud today.

Learn more about the Global Citizen Festival here: