Reach Higher

Reach debuted in 2014 as a rollercoaster of electronic sounds. Void of lyrics, this compilation takes the listener to the heart of electronica music for the ultimate dance experience.

Jean Von Baden & Vashti Stella Polaris team up to remix No Logo’s "Now We Try" for an atmospheric beginning to Reach. The melancholy tracks "Back Home" by Fish Tank and "Melt" by Somerville & Wilson dive deep into the emotional heart of the soundscape.


 The Kenneth Bager Experience encourages dance and expression through their dance tunes "Fragment Sixteen (I Can’t Wait)" and "Follow The Beat." Reach begins to wind down once again with Ken Wank’s playful "Ain’t Gonna Wait For You Forever" and the soft wishes in The Normalites’ "All I Need." Magic Sound Fabric soothes us with dreamlike "Freedom Star" and "Lullaby" by Troels Hammer lulls us to reflection.

You can purchase the Reach compilation on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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