This Sound Will Make You Fly

The rise of acid house came in a sudden burst in 1988 in Europe after being conceptualized across the Atlantic. This genre of electronic music, which we’ve explored previously, led directly to the career of Chris Coco as an English DJ who later on found his way onto a NiaSounds compilation. 

Coco has been actively releasing independant music since 1994. The tracks he has created with Coco Steel & Lovebomb cascades decades across his career. From becoming a DJ on BBC Radio 1 came recognition from the International Radio Festival. His mixes were featured on Sex and the City as well as Nip Tuck. Coco has worked as a tastemaker, DJ, broadcaster, producer, music curator, musician and journalist throughout his over 20 year career. 

Butterfly brings listeners to a more mellow EDM sound, which is best reflected by the work of Chris Coco. Both the compilation’s namesake “Butterfly Heart” and “Summertime” from Chris Coco are featured within the mix.

You can purchase Butterfly compilation on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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