Rob Daikers' Binary Affairs

Seasoned music producer Rob Daiker and boutique Portland music label NiaSounds are proud to announce the release of Daiker’s album, Binary Affairs. The pop-rock blend will be available on iTunes as of December 16th, 2016.

Binary Affairs begins with “Damn the Torpedoes”, a song mixing 80’s pop electronica beats with modern stylizations from Daiker. The album takes the listener on a journey through Daiker’s head, through deeply felt and commonly held emotions to which we all can relate. From the dark yet upbeat “The Victor” and “Step Into The Light” to the swinging slow melody of “All For A Kiss”, Daiker brings a variation of love songs and statements that make up his signature style. Bringing an end to the whole “affair” is a piano heavy ballad that affirms Daiker’s songwriting strengths, “Helicopter”.  In its own way, Binary Affairs uniquely resonates with each listener through its timeless love ballads and rock jams. 

Track list:

Damn the Torpedoes
Random Error
All For A Kiss
Hurt Parts
The Victor
Step into the Light
Super Hero

Pre-order Binary Affairs on iTunes today.