Fire Consumes Bay Area Creative Community

The first weekend in December was a tragic time for the Bay Area creative community.

The GhostShip Warehouse was known to many as a haven in the dwindling community of working artists in Oakland, California. During the day, city artists could visit as a place of sanctuary to practice their musical and creative art forms. GhostShip strived to be a home for struggling artists who are being forced out by the rising costs of living in San Francisco. For many, this was their only affordable option. According to CNN, the warehouse’s owner would occasionally hold parties to help pay the inflating rent so he could keep the creative space alive.

ABC News cites that Friday evening a fire occurred during a concert for multiple DJs at the venue. One of those set to perform was a Portland artist. The fire trapped attendees in the structure, leaving the death toll at 36 and rising at the time of this article.

GhostShip before Friday night's fire.

GhostShip before Friday night's fire.

This is a tragedy for not only the families of those who were lost but the surviving artists in the Bay area. The loss of a home and creative space will contribute to the dwindling number of local artists. As supporters of independent artists in the Pacific Northwest, the loss is a personal tragedy for all regional creators.

Our heartfelt condolences to all those involved. You can donate to the victim’s families on YouCaring.