Pop Punk and the Rise of Multi-Genre Music

Like many artists today, Rob Daiker defines himself in so many genres it’s difficult to pinpoint what box they belong in. However, pop punk isn’t a musical genre. Some might argue true art shouldn’t be defined by the broad strokes of a musical genre, but most will agree that it’s easier for consumers to categorize. Today, we will examine messy and controversial origins of what we call pop punk.

Pop punk is loosely defined as combining the darker edge and sounds of hardcore punk with the melodies  of pop. The term “punk” was first used in the 1970s in reference to the band the Ramones. Influenced by a range of bands from the punk rock to bubblegum pop the emergence of the coined term didn’t solidify itself in American musical culture until the 1980s.

Through the ages, each musical era has hosted bands which distinctly represent the pop punk brand. Blink 182, Green Day, and Paramore are most recent examples of what experts currently refer to as the height of pop-punk’s popularity in mainstream culture. The balance of musical influences has fluctuated throughout the decades, but it hasn’t stopped creators from continuing to develop the the music hybrid.


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