Stuart Releases Anarchy Video

Protest. Challenge. Outcry. Riot. All terms which in the last fews years have become commonplace among western media. Over 1,600 Black Lives Matter protests took place in America in 2016 alone. Thousands more protests manifested over political changes worldwide. In fact, there have been so many gatherings that The Economist has added a section of its website specifically for covering protests and demonstrations.

Millions feel the unrest of divided nations, whether they actively demonstrate or live in those areas. NiaSounds musician Stuart’s “Anarchy” is an anthem for these frustrated populations. These movements were just beginning in 2013 when Stuart released “Anarchy” on his self-titled album, Stuart. More relevant than ever, NiaSounds is proud to present an “Anarchy” promotional video demonstrating how his statements continue to ring true.

In the words of Stuart, “We’re living in Anarchy,” and it’s time for an anthem that sparks change.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play today.

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