Are Compilations Dead?

For years, compilations were considered a dying artform. The careful crafting of tracks from various artists that express a single story was underappreciated. However there are more signs every day that compilations have value. 

Last week a compilation hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200. The Hamilton Mixtape brought together some of the biggest names in pop, R&B, rap, and musical theater to tell the story of Hamilton: An American Musical with a familiar sound. Telling a story and encompassing a feeling just as all compilations and playlist strive to do, this debut offers insight into the future of compilation albums.

This month on the amount of consumers diverting to SoundCloud and Spotify playlists instead of purchasing physical music may also speak to the value of compilations. Followed by vinyl, music streaming is now the most popular way to consume music. The rise of playlists, typically curated from several different artists, could be considered another factor in the rise of compilations.

Bottom line? Compilations are not dying. They are on the rise and will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future.

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